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Cross-Over Instructor UTRtek


Underwater Visitors gives the Welcome to all Instructors who wish to add to their educational path also the process of Vocational Training UTRtek.Draw up a program or a card where there are listed all the possible equivalence between all the divers of today courses - taking into account the increasing variability of content and standards proposed by the Educational Services - that will endure over time, it becomes impractical if not today impossible.The National and International market there are now uncountable courses, with different educational content and philosophies: UTRtek recognizes the experience gained from divers Professionals through different Iter.In UTRtek you can then recognize the achievements Patents at other educational.


UTRtek, precisely to avoid the "equivalence" errors, opt for this procedure:The entry requirements to the course instructor or trainer in Cross-Over formula are:1) Certified Instructor in active state - Patent other Education Agency.2) Registration Forms, Self declarations and certificates contained in the file of the Cross-Over Instructor.3) evaluation Examination Teaching / input to Practice Instructors Course.


After making the above mentioned theoretical / practical evaluation successfully, the candidate is recognized certification possessed as "equivalent" to the Certification peers UTRtek and can directly access the courses to achieve definitely the next level Patents UTRtek.If the Trainer or Examiner UTRtek feedback or partial incompleteness differences in cultural background / practical Candidate student between the training received and that required in the pre-requisites established by UTRtek, will be a requirement to integrate the factor / s theoretical / practical courses so that the candidate student can have all the adequate and suitable training to teach the courses UTRtek, once you reach the Patent UTRtek Instructor.This can be an opportunity to know us directly if you have not yet had the opportunity: to UTRtek will be a pleasure stilarti a professional program in Cross-Over formula, after fulfilling all your questions on any possible subject Didactic, Logistics, and Theoretical Practical.


Cross-Over UTRtek - Underwater Technical Research• Patent scuba instructor in the active state of an agency recognized.• Self-certification patents and diving experience.• The personal data and photograph.• Just Curriculum Instructor.• Original medical certificate valid.• professional diving insurance valid.• Nothing input Osta in Agency President Massimo UTRtek Barnini.• Certificate of participation in the seminar (*) or Cross-over UTRtek PRO-Level A with positive final assessment, with which are evaluated theoretical knowledge and teaching skills.• Certificate of participation in the seminar (*) or Cross-over UTRtek PRO-Level B, by which the level of underwater suitability to practice being certified.• Self-certification on the knowledge of standards and regulations declared by UTRtek-Italy as well as acceptance of the relevant quality control professional activity carried out.


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