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Born in Romethe 11/04/1971

Always passionate by diving and the underwater world starts to get close to the marine world doing spearfishing. Only after the death of my father took place in August 1996 changes something in me, it is not long and in September I enrolled in my first diving course.


1996 - Home scuba diving with air apparatus. Participating in educational courses of FISASUB C.M.A.S. obtaining federal patents levels 1st, 2nd, 3rd STAR and first aid.After doing so underwater on my own I understand that I can do more, why not send all my passion for the sea to other people? and that's how 2005 begins a training program so that I could put in a position to convey these my emotions, even today I continue to increase my knowledge keeping me up to date and informed.





2005/2008 - I participate in educational courses NASE achieving the NITROX- CPR patents - RescueLink NAVIGATION-OXYGEN PROVIDER-ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR-OPEN WATER INSTRUCTOR

2009/2012 - I participate in educational courses CEDIP SIAS obtaining patents 2nd STAR INSTRUCTOR - INSTRUCTOR FOR DISABLED - INSTRUCTOR NITROX - DEEP AIR-62 - INSTRUCTOR BLSDa IRC Community - at the time in 2010 by a member of the National Association divers core POLICE STATE of OSTIA



2013/2014 -Affascinato from technical diving I approached the UTRtek, I convert my certifications obtaining the patent ADV NITROX scuba INSTRUCTOR, and instructor M2 C.M.A.S. - Inspiration Vision ECCR 1 DIVER -40Mt - MNEMONIC DECO SISTEM 12015 - I certify Tek2 "normoxic trimix 60m diver"2016 - Continuing with the Training deepen the culture of the Circuit Closed and I certify ECCR 2 DIVER 60mt, at the same time also I obtained the certifications of ADV Deco Deep Instructor and later I certify Rec Staff Instructor allowing the same school to become center Formations UTRtek Instructors.


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