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And 'association founded in 2014 by the enthusiasm and passion for underwater Sandro Bertoni, who is its president.
The love for the sea and the desire to go under water has meant that it would create a group of divers who want to broaden their knowledge in a spirit of continuous improvement and also wants to pass on their experiences with the knowledge of what you do in respect of their own limits and the environment.
The school has therefore become a means to popularize diving in a safe, fun and conscious, so you can share exciting experiences.

Through diving courses we will be able to teach the theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable you to fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of being able to breathe underwater, only to hear the sound of the bubbles escaping from your regulator, the priceless feeling of " floating "in the water as if gravity did not exist, finding in this way with that balance naturally so hard sometimes to raggiungengere in terrestrial life. Are enveloped by the water and suddenly nothing is more important, concerns, anxieties, remained on the ground, now you're at peace with yourself and with the world, an inner joy will pervade; There's you, your dive buddies and the sea.
And the adventure begins: open to us breathtaking scenery to be explored, the nature is manifested in all its glory, from the sandy seabed almost lunar landscapes to sheer cliffs in the blue full of life and color as if they were a garden . Wrecks and caves then have a charm all their own, who knows, maybe hide the lair of a grouper or some pirate treasure!
We would never end but the time is running out and begins the ascent, while diligently carry out all the stops already provided a foretaste of the stand with your feet under the table to tell what we have seen, looking at the pictures, listen to the advice and corrections of those who know more of us, but also to take a little 'around while inforchettiamo cheerfully. This is also part of our association, we like to go beyond the single course or single dive, every opportunity we can to share moments of joy out of the water, especially with people toghether by the same values: love and respect for the sea, the spirit group, pleasure of knowledge, humor, humility, cheerfulness.
However as he said Cristoforo Colombo "the language is not enough to say and the hand writing all the wonders of the sea" so you only have to throw yourself and try. Good bubbles at all.

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