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This all started as a game Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012 when I and my then-partner Roberto Zago dives we had the pleasure to participate as guests to a course Correctly Diver UTRtek held by Rolando Di Giorgio.
It was just that I attended other training agencies in addition to the one to which I belonged, and who formed me up to make me become instructor.
I was immediately fascinated by the method and by the skill of the rapporteur.
From that day on, always with more intensity I began to attend Rolando Di Giorgio
and those who were around him, to the point of asking him if I could be part of the family

even I UTRtek, and then crossoverizzare my patent Instructor 2 ** ADV in Rec Instructor
UTR, his answer by the book to me was: agree;
We do a dive to see your behavior in the water and then we'll talk.
From that day on, I put in my head that I would at all costs had to participate in that course,

and therefore wanted to make a good impression to Rolando; after a few months of my request placed in it the opportunity presented itself to be able to show that I knew handle diving also demanding discrete depths, Rolando himself was organizing a little grebe on Liburna wreck lying on a backdrop of about -40mt and time Cross was scheduled to be 60 minutes.
All in all a nice springboard to demonstrate my skills, and
with great care and thanks to Roberto Zago was then my
shade and did not lose the occazione for bacchettare all my cazzeggiate,
we planned a dive in every small detail.
On the morning of September 23, 2013 found us all on the quay of
Port of Riva di traiano to Stephen Terrible Diving, "I generally in all
business I'm in play where they are put under pressure always do my best, "and, after a long
briefing made by Di Giorgio is part of the adventure.
The agitation was so great, both for the type of dive that we were going to do "it was the first time attending diving with so much to handle deco" and because there were many people around me much more prepared than me, and not I could afford to make any mistakes, just arrived on the dive site as if by magic, and as always I am ready to face any event appear before me.
fantastic dive, visibility about 30cm, despite this "goal achieved" 60 minutes of bottom -40mt. and all overseen by my next Evaluator.
At this point, nothing was missing, knowing that I could not miss the target accepted the conditions.
After exchanging a few messages we decided that after the dip test, if the result was positive, the same day we started with the theory for Instructor Cross-over, and so fù;
Saturday, November 23, 2013 began the adventure with UTR and long days along with Rolando that, with patience and profesional continued to relocate to all the baggage to me need to be able to grow nell'UTR.
It 'hard to find today, people who put in front of all the passion professionalism professionalism and seriousness in transmitting what they believe, all this and more I found in Rolando, who day after day more and more able to send me.
As a result of all this I am continuing growth in both personal training for MIA school, achieving the various certification which now allow me to get on the water and in ECCR in C.A. up to 60mt of depth with mnemonic decompression method.
All with quite a few pitfalls, several years ago I had a surgery
the left shoulder, which I compromise the normal use of his left arm.
Precisely for this reason, in those days I was immersed in configuration
Hugartiana like it was a left-handed, that is, with the internship right to
better manage the exchange of the said cylinders during the decompression

phase. In continuation of the training UTR however, he could not get a
configuring in this way, with so much effort and patience on the part
Di Giorgio during my course Correctly Diver learned to manage the right
configuration although with less manual dexterity compared to other sub, but

everything never demoralized me, indeed is reason to challenge myself every day
in succeeding where sometimes set limits for me, that in the end are just mental.
One thing that impressed me greatly in UTRtek method is the management of
Deco Mnemonic.
And it is on this that I now want to make a clarification.
Since I understand that with an absurd simplicity can be calculated
Rates deco according to the time and to the depth reached and relate them in

relation the planned type of dive (all naturalmete with an absurd flexibility)
so that we can also calculate the type of conservatism for use in
relation to the psycho-physical condition of the divers in the subject, and I started

using this method of decompression following courses which I put and continue to put myself in a position to be able to manage this method I practically THROWN VIA my dive computers, at this point you will tell me I'm crazy, instead I tell you that I was born again!
I am now teaching since the Open Water Diver course this ski method with the simple aid of a digital depth gauge and nothing more.
All this just to say that if you want to grow and want to get to be aware of what happens to us before, during and after the immersion surely this is the right system, so from this we deduce that in order to have the situational awareness at all now we have to be present in everything that happens around us and while we enjoy ourselves, because the end is precisely the aim; FUN in full awareness.




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